Following are a list of clients and projects, with locations, in rough chronological order. The list is divided into ‘Full Architectural Services’ and ‘Consulting Services’.


Jack Stamm Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs B. Kalman Residence, La Tierra, New Mexico.

Roger Hanks Guest House, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

El Rey Inn Office, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Wendy Haig Residence, Tierra de Oro, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Jones Residence, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Mann Residence, Roswell, New Mexico.

El Rey Inn Poolside Units, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. M. Sadlier Residence, Tierra Nueva, New Mexico.

Pink Adobe Restaurant Addition, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mr. & Mrs. J. Lindner Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Dr. & Mrs. R. Briggs Residence, La Tierra, New Mexico.

Jake Scott Residence, Kauai, Hawaii

Mr. & Mrs. L. Deal Residence, Tierra de Oro, New Mexico.

Pink Adobe Restaurant Bar Addition, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rosalea Murphy Residence Addition, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dr. & Mrs. T. Dilday Residence, Tierra de Oro, New Mexico.

Dr. & Mrs. P Stoesz Residence, Salva Tierra, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. M. Shepherd Residence, Vista Redonda, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. M. Sadlier Residence, Punta Meta, Mexico.

Casa Fina, retail shop, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mr. & Mrs. B. Pinion Residence, Las Dos, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Sadler Residence, Maui, Hawaii.

Terry  Hermeling Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Dreisbach Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. D. Cohen Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Dr. & Mrs. G. Holloway Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mark Miller Residence, La Tierra, New Mexico.

El Rey Inn Breakfast Room, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harter Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Mr. & Mrs. D. Woodard Residence, Salva Tierra, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. T. White Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. W. Dunn & Ms. J. Kennedy Residence, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico.

Cimarron Ranch, Montrose, Colorado.

Goose Downs Riding Stables and Horse Farm, Galisteo, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Young Residence, Sunlit Hills, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. T. May Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Dr. & Mrs. G. Cox Residence, Las Dos, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Best Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Sadler Residence, Los Vaqueros, New Mexico

Mr. & Mrs. E. Bell Residence, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. I. Worby Residence addition & remodel, Barnstaple, Devon.

El Rey Inn Courtyard Units, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Billy Gibbons Residence, Hollywood, California.

Mr. & Mrs. N. Smith Residence, Sonoma, California.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Harrison Residence, Tierra Nueva, New Mexico.

Mr. M. Morrison & Ms. T. Pierce Residence, Salva Tierra, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Harris Residence, Tierra Preciosa, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. D. Goin Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Les  Berkowitz Residence, Estrellas de Tano, New Mexico.

Dr. & Mrs. E. Hui Residence, Las Campanas, New Mexico.

Mr. & Mrs. M. Pierce Residence, Paso Robles, California.

Jackie & Peter Stokes Residence, Shaldon, Devon..

Mark Swilling & Eve Anneke Residence, Lynedoch, Western Cape, South Africa.

No-Ofisi School, Bulungula, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

Ibba Girls Boarding School, Ibba, South Sudan.

PPHPZ Pre-natal Sandbag Drop-in Centre, Mongu, Zambia

Red Earth Teachers’ Resource Centre & Nursery School, Masindi, Uganda.

iShack, Enkanini informal township, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

Jan Watkinson Residence, Raithby, Western Cape, South Africa.

 'Thank You’ to all those who worked for Malcolm Worby Designs during the ‘Santa Fe years’, whose diligence, hard work, and attention to detail helped get the jobs out to bid on time. 

Cindy Urban; Sarah Combs; Helen Borrego; Durette Candito; Robert Guschewsky; Laura VanAmburgh; Robert Penrod; Michael Bodelson;


Sustainability Institute: Subsidy Housing Project, Lynedoch, Western Cape

STIAS, University of Stellenbosch, Western Cape. (Van Biljong & Visser)

Ubunthu Retreat, Atlantis, Western Cape.

Cape Mountain Retreat, Villiersdorp, Western Cape.

MAT, McGregor, Western Cape

Ian & Ina McDonald Residence, Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga.

Spier Wine Estate, Renovation of old Manor House

1200 Affordable Housing Units, Lilongwe & Blantyre, Malawi. (CCODE)

PTSSC building, Athlone, Cape Town. (Makeka Design Laboratory/Jakupa Architects)

Johnson Residence, McGregor, Western Cape.

No-Ofisi School, Bulungula, Eastern Cape.

Sustainability Institute: Creche Building, Lynedoch, Western Cape.

 Smitswinkel Tented Camp, Cape Point. (Makeka Design Laboratory)

University of Stellenbosch, De Beer Street Offices and Lecture Hall.

Spier Wine Tasting Centre, Spier, Lynedoch, Western Cape. (Alison Channing Architect)

Brent Residence, Lynedoch Eco Village, Lynedoch, Western Cape.

Roodebergkloof Farm, Garies, Northern Cape. (Jakupa Architects)

Jakkalskloof Farm, Swellendam, Western Cape.

Breede Valley Hospice, Robertson, Western Cape.

Lynedoch Eco Village Affordable Housing Pilot Project, Lynedoch, Western Cape.

Somerset College, Somerset West, Western Cape.

Lisa Steyn Residence, Lynedoch Eco Village, Stellenbosch

Membury Kennels, Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Hartenberg Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, Western Cape


I would like to extend a big 'Thank You' to all my clients without whom none of this would have been possible, and my life would not have been as fun, or as interesting.



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